Frequently Asked Questions


General information about recycling ink and toner cartridges with US Recycling.

What Items do you buy back?

Empty Inkjets and toner cartridges – US Recycling reclaims and recycles empty inkjet and toner cartridges for most printers, copiers, fax and multifunction machines (all-in-one’s).


New inkjets and toner cartridges – Genuine OEM Toner Cartridges, Drum Units, Developer kits, Fuser Kits, Maintenance Kits, Solid Inks, Printer Ribbons, Staples and more…


Damaged or open box inkjets and toner cartridges – If the box is opened or has some damages, we will pay according to its condition. Please make sure you describe the box condition accurately so that we can quote you accordingly.


Expired inkjets and toner cartridges – If the cartridges or supplies you are looking at selling are expired please indicate the dates so we can quote you as accurate as possible.

Do I need to set up an account before I send my cartridges?

You do not need to set up an account to sell cartridges to US Recycling. We have made it as simple as possible! Use the form here to upload a picture or send a list of the cartridges that you would like to sell.

What’s the difference between virgin and non-virgin cartridges?

Virgin cartridges are empty branded inkjet and toner cartridges that have never been refilled. (HP, Lexmark, Brother, Dell, Etc…)


Non-virgin cartridges are empty inkjet and toner cartridges that have previously been refilled or rebuilt. (Staples, Office Depot, other private generic brands)


Clone cartridges – We do not accept or pay for clones. Clones are Chinese market cartridges that have been molded and chipped to fit branded printers and machines.

Does US Recycling pay the shipping costs or provide labels for cartridges?

US Recycling will pay for shipping charges (prepaid UPS return labels) subject to the following guidelines. US Recycling waives the right to pay shipping fees unless your shipment meets the following criteria:


  1. All items must be listed on the current buy-back list. If your item(s) do not appear on the list contact us.
  2. Your shipment meets the following minimum requirements of 20lbs or 20 units. All items MUST be listed on the current USR buy-back list or a disposal fee may be applied against your balance.
  3. All toner and inkjet cartridges must pass inspection. We do not pay for damaged or broken cartridges.
  4. We do not pay for Starter or Introductory Cartridges.
How do I pack my cartridges?

To ensure that your cartridges arrive at the US Recycling sorting facility safely add newspaper, bubble wrap, or other lightweight packing to secure the cartridges and keep from movement inside the box. If your cartridges are damaged in shipping due to lack of packing, or improper packing the shipping charges will be the responsibility of the sender. We will not pay for damaged/broken cartridges.

Is there a minimum or limit of cartridges that I can ship at one time?

There is only a minimum if you would like US Recycling to pay for the shipping. Due to cost of shipping we are only able to accept cartridges that are listed on the current buy-back list. There is a 20lb or 20 unit minimum.


There is no limit on the amount of cartridges you can ship at one time. If you have a couple of pallets of toner feel free to contact US Recycling for freight authorization. [email protected]

When will I receive payment for my cartridges?

Once your cartridges are received at the US Recycling sorting facility they will be sorted and inspected and a total value will be assessed. Payment is normally mailed within 2 weeks of receipt. Other arrangements may be made prior to shipment based on quantity.